Revelation Scrolls

The scrolls listed below are companions with Joel's book, Explosive New Info on Revelation with Never Before Seen Scrolls. In order to download and open the scrolls you must have purchased a copy of this book.  There are three different scrolls, but you only need two: The Last 7 Years Before The War of Armageddon and The End of Times Scriptures (either KJV or NIV).

If you wish to have all three you are welcome to download. Keep in mind they are quite long so you will want to take them to a printer and not just print on paper at home! But it’s worth it, seeing the scrolls completely printed is very helpful. You can also just keep them digitally, it’s your preference!

The scrolls are VITAL to understanding the book. Without them you will be missing most of the content.

The password to open and print the scrolls can be found in your book. If you are taking these to be printed, make sure to take the password with you as well!

*Important* When printing, make sure the printer does not change the 2ft x 4 ft print size. The scrolls are designed to this size for a reason. The person printing will not be able to change the size without a password and should not be changing this. If the scrolls are printed any smaller they will be too small to read!!

Copyright Permission Form

You will need this form with you when printing the scrolls. Some places my not print without authorization from the author.

The Last 7 Years Before The War of Armageddon

The End of Times Scriptures From The Kings James Version Bible

The End of Times Scriptures From The New International Version Bible