Explosive New Info on Revelation With Never Before Seen Scrolls

The most accurate time line of the end-times to date. This

book contains two time lines that biblically detail what

the prophets foretold (digital downloads).

The angel told Daniel that what he saw and heard would be sealed up until

the end-times; now the end-times are here.

Do you want to know the truth?

One World Order, One World Religion.

The world broken into chunks.

Is the USA in the Bible?

What physical characteristics do we know about the Antichrist?

Where will he come from?

Who is the False Prophet and what does he try to make you take?

When is the devil really kicked out of the third heaven?

The 666, have you been using it for decades?

The truth about the Rapture.

When do the seals, trumpets and bowls happen,

and what can we expect?

Are the two witnesses just two people or many?

The war of Armageddon and the clean up after it.

Will there be nuclear war?

Are people going to live almost a thousand years old again?

Is the Temple Mount the real place of Solomon's Temple?

Were there giants before and after the flood?

How about dinosaurs, the three heavens? When you die, where do you go?

Is there soul sleep?

Where is the Red Sea crossing?

The real Mt Sinai, Noah's ark, Sodom and Gomorrah.

This book will dive into all these topics and more. Finally, find out the truth

and what you need to prepare for. This is a battle over our souls, and we

need to be well armed and ready.

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